These domain endings go live in May – Don’t miss out

Another month with some exciting new domain endings. Nine in total. .Sale and .Video go live 6th May. The price is EUR 50 and EUR 40 respectively for a one year registration. Early Access phase until 5th May, where you can secure your domains ahead of the pack. The one year price is EUR 175. Here is a great alternative to .org, if you're a non profit. .Ong and .ngo go live 6th May. Two for the price of one. The price is EUR 75. .Design goes live 12th May. The price is EUR 75 for 1 year. Early Access Phase from 5th May. On 9th-11th May you can secure your domains at the price of EUR 175 for 1 year. .tennis (75 EUR), .chat (50 EUR), .style (50 EUR) and .bingo (75 EUR) go live on 20th May. There is an early access phase starting one week before GoLive. Reasonable pricing on day 5-7 at EUR 175 for one year. .Apartments go live on 27th May. The price is EUR 75. Limited registration period .Adult and .Porn enter the Matching phase from 6th May. Any .xxx registrant can register the matching .porn or .adult for EUR 125 per year. Want to know more about adult themed domain names? Read my interview with ICM Registry's Stuart Lawley here. They released .xxx in 2011 and will also release .sex later this year. .Lat enters the limited registration period on the 11th May. .Lat is for Latin American entities. A geographic equivalent to .asia or .eu. .Amsterdam is possible to register for any public entity within the city of Amsterdam from 28th May. Early Access The following enter Early Access on 27th May: .casino, .football and .school. Sunrise (For trademark holders where TM is registered at the Trademark Clearinghouse) .News from 5th May to 4th July. .Express from 5th May to 4th July. Goes live 15th July. .Cafe from 5th May to 4th July. Goes live 15th July. .Site from 7th May to 6th July. Goes live 15th July. .Markets from 18th May to 17th June. .Bank from 18th May to 17th June. .Team from 19th May to 18th July. .Jewelry from 19th May to 18th July. .Show from 19th May to 18th July. .Tech from 25th May to 24th July. .网店 (shop). Editor's pick Any company should allow conversation with their users, and chat is just a better way to do so than the alternatives. In this day and age any website should have a live chat function. They don't. And the ones which have a chat function can hide it to avoid getting flooded with requests (Yes, I'm talking about you Mailchimp ;)). .Chat could be a great digital sign to easier find the chat function. It's my favourite pick this month, while I also think that endings such as .video, .tennis, .ngo and .bingo will become useful. For brand protection it's of course important to consider which domain names could cause confusion among users. So here is a list of three categories of domains, you should think about. We'll use the .tennis as an example: 1) If you're in the tennis industry then domains such as tournament names and brands are important to secure. I would suggest to get them in the early access phase (on day 5-7 it's EUR 175), as you could lose them if you wait for GoLive. E.g. The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club (AELTC) should get and racket manufacturer Wilson should secure 2) Brands should secure domain hacks; Former tennis pro Robin Söderling sells tennis balls under brand name RT. would be obvious, when two characters are allowed for this extension. 3) If your URL ends with, then you should get the matching .tennis. No reason to let others register them and have confused users. Also if you decide to rebrand at a later stage, this will be the obvious choice. For marketing activities you can get some simply unforgettable URLs. Will they remember better than These domains could be, etc. Be aware that many of these are premium domains and can cost anywhere from EUR 150 to five digits. Contact if you want a list of premium domains for a specific domain ending. Check availability of your domain name here. Contact me at to know more about the "VIP queue" - the Early Access phase.