Wow! All 882 domain extensions.The Big 2017 List [Infographic]

List of all domain extensions 2016

The total List of Domain Extensions (2017 INFOGRAPHIC)

You surely know .com, .net or .info domain names. You have probably also heard about – or even registered – domains ending with .de, .fr and You might even be aware of the new breed of domain extensions such as .club or .marketing. But did you know that the total list of domain extensions is 882? 882!  The infographic below is a timeline from 1985 to 2017, which lists the birth year of every domain extension since .com in 1985. It took us hours and hours to put this resource together. If it helps you, then please share it. Thanks. List of domain extensions   You're welcome to embed the infographic on your website. The embed code is found at the bottom of this post.

Domain names have entered a new level: +300M domains and growing

The domain name space has entered a new era. Growth facts:
  • 300M domain names were reached in Q4 2015 according to DomainWire Global TLD Report.
  • Over the last two years the number of domain extensions has increased from 273 top level domains to 882 including the ones launching this year.
  • A newly released scientific paper in The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics concluded that the lack of domain extensions had stifled demand by 25% - or 75M domain names. The new domain extensions will solve this

How businesses use the new domain extensions

The introduction of the new domain extensions has made it possible for businesses to be creative:
  • New companies use them to stand out (E.g., a Danish startup digitalizing study books).
  • Existing businesses change web address to communicate sharper with their audience (E.g. Oregon based veterinarians Animal Health Associates skipped for
  • Businesses use them to build a safer platform (.e.g. American bank just changed to


There is a significant gap between availability and awareness. According to an ICANN survey, conducted by Nielsen in September 2015, it was revealed that 54% of respondents couldn't name a single one of the +500 domain extensions launched since 2013. The consequence: Businesses will only focus on a limited set of domain extensions (.com, .net or a country code extension such as, when considering their next domain name. Not because these extensions are better, but because they don't know better. Here's a good example: example of .com domain name Newly opened Twin Rivers Golf Club in Waco, US registered, when they could get instead. A 22 characters .com domain instead of a short, brandable radio test approved web address.

Top level domains to be launched in 2016

I have marked with red the domain extensions, which went live in 2016. The ones in green have announced their launch dates. Domain extensions 2016 From the list of domain extensions to be launched in 2017 the following have been the most anticipated: .Music Currently on hold. An industry source expects that the .music top level domain won't go live for years to come. The various applicants will block it in accountability procedures and lawsuits, when delegated to the winning applicant. .Africa We've been waiting for the African continent's main domain extension since 2006. 2017 seems to be they year it will go live. .Web rick schwarz, T.R.A.F.F.I.C. This is Rick "The Domain King" Schwarz' favourite new domain name extension: "If this was a horse race, .web would win before most others are out of the gate". Currently in contention but expected to go live in Q4 or possibly Q1 2017. .App Google paid a record breaking USD 25M to become the .app registry. They still haven't announced, when this top level domain will go live, and it's a really good question, if they will keep it for themselves. How so? They already launched .soy, .how and .みんな , but on  their official list of future launches .app isn't listed. .Blog Panama based registry Primer Nivel paid an estimated USD 20M for the rights to .blog. CEO Gerardo Aristizabal had no comments yet, when The Register contacted him in February about the launch plans. ____________ Now it's your turn. Please leave a comment below. What's your favourite domain extension and why?
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    Well done, very useful graphic to keep around. Puts the nTLDs in their proper context, lots of them but not so many registrations relative to country TLDs and .COM (not yet!).

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    Hi Christopher great article. I am a domainer for 3 years now. My best ones are the .cloud – This is where it is all hapenning these days. I managed to snap & | You can buy for $65,000 and for $19,000 respectively I am sure mineo are not far! If not better. Currently accepting offers !! Glad you mentioned the .Africa – Digital.Africa also mine and for sale!

    • Christopher Hofman

      Thanks Sebastien! Yeah, .cloud is a very nice extension. Regarding .africa it’s not live yet, so I assume that you have only applied for

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    I have not found .укр (ukrainian in cyrillic)

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    –I know you mentioned businesses will usually just register just a few.

    I’m planning on starting a brand new company. The .com (it’s a 6 letter name) was available so I’ve purchased that one. But what are the other extensions you’d recommend purchasing as well? (.net, .org, .us, .nyc (if I’m in nyc?), .uk if I plan to expand there one day? What are all the domain extensions I’d actually ever need for my business?)

    –Do international companies end up having the different international extensions for each country they operate in? Or does their .com work fine globally, and then the webpage knows based on location to automatically use the correct language?

    Thank you!


    • Christopher Hofman

      Hi Elsa,

      Sounds great that you secured the short .com domain.

      For brand protection you should consider:

      Geo domains – Which countries will be your obvious markets?
      New TLDs: Are there some extensions, which define your category?
      .com variants: Any obvious spelling mistake, then secure alternative .com domains

      Regarding using local country code TLDs for local language versions, you should Google posts on this subject, since it’s not a clear decision.

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    I want to use the extension .kid. How can I get it for my website?

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      Hi Adam, we will do an updated version in 2017. These new TLDs don’t all launch on schedule

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        Hey Christopher, it is now 2017. Is there an updated list?

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          Also, I would really like a TDL that currently doesn’t exist. Is there a place you can send requests or register interest for a certain TLD?

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    • Christopher Hofman

      Mainly in the wikis at ICANN, however you need to do some detective work on others 😉

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    “Google paid a record breaking USD 25M to become the .app registry.” IMO, they should get .ouch then as well

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    Why is there still no .go tld extension? I’m sure it will be coming soon, hopefully in 2018 at the latest.

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    Hi Christopher, Do you have an idea of the price for ‘buying’ a new TLD (or whatever is needed to set up a new global TLD? Could be nice to have .aqua as a new TLD.