New gTLDs INFOGRAPHIC – Launch Dates for The New gTLDs

700 new gTLDs have gone live since Oct 31, 2013. The infographic below shows the estimated launch dates of all new gTLDs. Scroll over each month to see the release date of your gTLD. This new gTLD list will be updated regularly (be patient - can take 30 secs to load !)

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New gTLDs 2013-2016 The domain name revolution has arrived! ICANN revealed an impressive 1.930 new gTLD applications on 12th June 2012. In the infographic you will find the shortlist and their expected release dates. From November 2013 until end of 2015 we saw more than 700 TLD launches and around hundred dot brands (.nike, .vw, .google etc.) going live. This is an impressive number considering that from 1985 to 2013 only 22 gTLDs were available. This tidal wave of new top level domains will change the internet landscape forever. Brand owners should definitely look into how to protect their brand by securing the most obvious domain names. Marketers will have new, innovative options to be creative and new businesses will have a large assortment of endless possibilities finding the perfect name. Launch Phases of the New gTLDs The launch of each new top level domain is divided into three parts: 1) The Sunrise phase (60 days) : Trademark holders who have listed their trademark in the Trademark Clearinghouse can apply for the matching domain name. 2) The Landrush phase (30 days) : Special period where more entities can apply and auctions will decide who gets the domain name 3) The General launch phase : will be open for all without requirements. Some gTLDs have an EAP (Early Access phase) one week before the general launch. You can order domain names with the new domain extensions via our domain search tool here and queue for many of the other new ones. You will be briefed about all future launches in our newsletter, so do sign up. To check the new domain extensions in February 2016 go here.
  • Dr. Gusztav Fogarassy

    To: Mr. Christopher Hofman Laursen
    Dear Sir:
    I admire your professionalism that is second to none. You have been sending me email messages for many years. At one time I contacted you about some domains. I regret that I have no money for these extremely expensive new sunrise domain name extensions, apparently 617 new gTLD opportunity for infringers outright encouraged by the ICANN including its domain name registration system, comprising the more and more dominant and arrogant world-wide special interest group. I did manage to register one of my trademarks just for notification of registration by others, this alone costing me about $250–forget the $500 more for actual registration of a suitable new gTLD extension–for a total of about $750 for just one of my four trademarks–impossible, highway robbery for me and all other grassroots level trademarked innovators like me around the world! At any rate, dear Mr. Hofman Laursen, since no way could I afford a lawyer specialized in deciphering the intricacies of TMCH trademark registration, I don’t even know whether I did the one, for just warning me, correctly or not. As PSAI, I do not specialize in actually launching ICANN-inspired gTLD’s. The TMCH never responded to my request to confirm one way or the other the accuracy and prospects of my registration for notification. I also never experienced any new domain registration launching such as the .eu and .asia, etc. to be as user unfriendly and extortive–especially toward trademark owners–as the TMCH. But that’s another story I published in an early 2000 copyright edition of my newsletter, the same story revised and re-published in a most recent likewise copyright edition. It has a trademark also and as I said above, I have three more USPTO registered marks for other endeavors. But for one of many grassroots level innovators such as I am it is financially impossible to protect even one trademark under the TMCH and the ICANN conglomerate. It could cost from $1500 to at least $4000 to file just one UDRP Complaint while hundreds if not thousands of other potential Respondents are already waiting in the wings. This and the rest of the reasons expounded in my aforesaid news stories have the gravest implication for trademark and related intellectual property owners and their culture not only in the USA but throughout the world. Let me know if you are interested. Thank you. Have a wonderful holiday season. Cordially, Dr. Gusztav Fogarassy, Pro Se Attorney International [DRGFPSAI] Wednesday, November 27, 2013, about 4:22 PM Central Time, USA.

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  • Tauseef

    Landed here through Google by searching for new gTLDs and instantly liked this infograph. Thanks for sharing information about these new gTLDs in such a professional manner.

    • Christopher Hofman Laursen

      Hi tauseef,

      thank you and thanks for sharing it

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  • Marcio Rocon

    There are more than 900 extensions! It will be a party. The pre record some can cost more than $ 15,000.

  • Rap Mann

    This Cambrian explosion of new top level domains will in the end be of most benefit to trademark lawyers and internet registrars. For Joe Average, I foresee confusion and uncertainty and for business owners, a brand new level of defacto taxation as the system filters ever more financial plunder to giant corporations with the resources to hire as many lawyers as necessary.
    If a software developer can somehow turn luddite, I’m leading the charge!

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  • Stefan Sommer

    Hi, do you have any idea when the new .map domains will be available for register? Stef

    • Christopher Hofman

      Thanks for the question, and a fine TLD it is. First it has to be settled who will be the registry of .map. There were 3 contenders (amazon, United TLD and Google), so there is no date yet

      • Jimmie the German

        how about a .shop?

        • Christopher Hofman

          Hi Jimmie,

          Still hasn’t been delegated. There are several Registry applicants, so there will be an auction between them first. Sign up to the newsletter, and you will be informed

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  • Gregor Leskovšek

    Do you know the date scheduled for .you domains to be available?

    • Christopher Hofman

      No date yet, but some time in 2016. At the moment it is being delegated to Amazon, which is the .you registry.

  • Werner Kamp

    Hello Christopher, do you have any idea when the TLD .architect would be available ? Thank you in advance for your answer !

    • Christopher Hofman

      Hi Werner, it’s .archi, and it’s been out for a while now. You can Google to see architects using the web address.

      • Werner Kamp

        Hi Christopher, thanks for the quick reply! I’ve seen the .archi, but I’m more interested in .architect. It looked like .architect was going to be introduced in 2016, but it’s is hard to find out if it is indeed.