Infographic: Do you know all domain endings? From .com to .whatever, the world's first domain name, celebrates its 30th birthday birthday cake for - the world's first domain endingon 15.03.2015. Since 1985 more than 284 million domain names have been registered. To celebrate we have created the infographic below showing all domain endings since the launch of .com in 1985. DO YOU KNOW ALL DOMAIN ENDINGS? There are now more than +800 different domain name endings to choose from.
All domain endings
infographic all domain name endings Phew... A lot of domain name endings! Were you aware that there were so many? I would be thankful if you share it with your colleagues, since most people surely only know ".com and a couple more". Let's show them ;). Do leave a comment below, if you have any questions. I will answer them quickly. As a special treat we played around with this, so if you are on a PC then go here if you want to watch the interactive version (make sure to watch it with sound). Poster with the different domain endings

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  • Joseph Peterson

    Nice depiction!

  • C. Classen

    Hi – how can I get a nice print-out of this infographic?

    • Christopher Hofman

      Appreciate your comment. Good idea. I will talk to my designer. Are you looking for a simple A4 print or a poster?

      • C. Classen

        Hi Christopher — I’m at
        I’d love the options of an A4 and poster-size. I would be tempted to order the poster-size because it would be large enough to do justice to the details. I didn’t say so in my first post, but “nice job” putting this together! This kind of information fascinates me (and is also one of the reasons no one will play Trivia Pursuit with me). Best, Cheryl

        • Christopher Hofman

          Thanks for the kind words. I think we probably spent +50 hours putting this together, but it was worth it. The PDF is in your inbox, Cheryl.

    • Christopher Hofman

      What’s your email? I’ll send you a PDF

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  • Frank Schilling

    What a difference 30 years make. You’re going to need a bigger chart for round 2

    • Christopher Hofman

      That’s right 😉 Making a visual map really shows how the domain assortment has expanded

  • Hans

    What a great post ! i would pay for a poster !

    • Christopher Hofman

      Hi Hans, You’re not the first asking for this. Email me at and I will let you know when we have one ready. An A3 is being printed, but we plan to do a poster as well

  • Lance Mepham

    WOW! What an amazing infographic. Well done Christopher. Any chance I can get a PDF? Will share this on my website. You are right Frank Schilling, they are going to need a bigger chart for round 2.

    • Christopher Hofman

      Send me your email to, and I will send you a PDF. Let me know when you share it on your website, so I can tell the world

      • Lance Mepham

        Thanks Christopher. Will let you know for sure. Thanks again.

  • Deal Check 24

    Hi Christopher, nice work!

    • Christopher Hofman

      Thanks. Took some hours, but well worth it

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  • Anthony

    This is very nice! It really puts it into perspective!!

    • Christopher Hofman

      I’m happy that we’ve been able to declutter the domain jungle for you 😉

    • Christopher Hofman

      Thanks. Happy that it turned out useful

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  • Rudolf Ruter

    Excellent, but I can’t find Croatia .hr domain

    • Christopher Hofman

      You’re right. I will do an updated version end of this week. Found a couple of other issues

  • hair comment on ride

    you missed .pro

    • Christopher Hofman

      Argh, missed it. Will be updated soon. Thanks for noticing

  • Anxo

    You also missed .gal, the dot of Galicia

    • Christopher Hofman

      Thanks. Will add it soon

      • Anxo

        Thank you for adding it, but i’m sorry you put the wrong flag. Galicia has it’s own and it can be disrespectful to use the Spanish one.

        • Christopher Hofman Laursen

          Good point. We did discuss this on the team, whether every region should have their own flag, or we should use the country flag. I’ve lived in Spain 10 years, so it’s not out of ignorance that we made this decision. We’re doing a new edition now, where we will put in the regional flags

  • Michelle Fisher

    This is great! I might have missed them but I don’t see .reviews; .futbol; .mortgage from 2014.

    • Christopher Hofman

      Hi MIchelle,
      Thanks for noticing. We’ll put up an updated version inside the next days.

  • Rudy

    nice, but for some of the domain endings the flag used at the background is false. For example .nl and .frl. They should have the same as .amsterdam.

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